How Much is Headless on Roblox – Current Prices Revealed.

The Headless Horseman bundle, one of Roblox’s most coveted collections, was first published on October 31, 2013. Typically available for around 31,000 Robux every October, this bundle draws inspiration from European folklore’s Headless Horseman, a character renowned for its headless appearance.

The Headless Head, a central item of this bundle, is a notable distinguishing feature that contributes significantly to its allure. By November 2023, the bundle has garnered over 1.8 million favorites, highlighting its immense popularity within the Roblox community. Seasonally offered during the Halloween period, the Headless Horseman bundle remains a highly sought-after item.

Understanding how much is headless on Roblox is essential for players aiming to purchase this exclusive item. The headless head roblox price remains a staple of Roblox’s seasonal offerings, targeting those who value unique and rare in-game assets.

What is the Headless Horseman Bundle in Roblox?

The Headless Horseman bundle has long been a cornerstone of Halloween festivities within the Roblox marketplace. Since its first introduction on October 31, 2013, this bundle has captivated many users with its eerie charm and unique items.

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Historical Background

The historical background of the Headless Horseman bundle Roblox started in 2013, with its consistent annual release every October, cementing its role in seasonal celebrations. Every year, players eagerly await its availability, often prepping their Robux to make the purchase headless on Roblox.

Bundle Content

The Headless Horseman bundle includes several coveted items, notably the Headless Head and the Horseman’s New Head. The Headless Head is particularly prized for its zero-dimension scaling, creating the illusion of a headless avatar—an effect unique to this bundle and highly valued in the Roblox marketplace. The versatility of the bundle’s components contributes to its appeal and widespread desirability.

Popularity and Cultural Impact

The popularity of the Headless Horseman bundle Roblox can be attributed to its distinctive aesthetic and the unique Headless Head. Items like the Korblox Deathspeaker reflect a similar desirability, but few match the cultural footprint of the Headless Horseman bundle. Its annual release has made it a staple in seasonal celebrations on the platform, frequently discussed and requested by users on social media. The bundle’s cultural impact extends beyond the game, symbolizing the creativity and richness of the Roblox community.

How Much is Headless on Roblox?

The Headless Horseman bundle stands as one of the most sought-after items in the Roblox marketplace. If you’re looking to acquire headless on Roblox, understanding its pricing structure is crucial. This section breaks down the current market price, the cost in USD, and the notable sale history of the item.

Current Market Price

As of the latest updates, the headless head sell price on Roblox hovers around 31,000 Robux. This price typically remains steady, especially during the Halloween season when the bundle is most popular.

Price in USD

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Converting the headless head Roblox cost into U.S. dollars, it comes out to approximately $387.50. This conversion helps potential buyers understand the actual value they are investing in when purchasing the bundle.

Sale History

Over the years, the Headless Horseman bundle has seen variations in its pricing. Notably, during the Memorial Day sales of 2015 and 2016, the price was discounted to 24,800 Robux. Additionally, an intriguing event occurred on November 15, 2023, where an error briefly listed the bundle for free. This mistake was quickly corrected, leading to rollbacks for those who attempted to acquire headless on Roblox at no cost.

Tips for Buying Headless on Roblox

When it comes to buying headless on Roblox, timing is key. The Headless Horseman bundle is typically released in early October and remains available until the end of the month. Keeping an eye on official announcements and the Roblox marketplace during this period will ensure you don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

It’s important to brace for the financial commitment as the bundle is priced at 31,000 Robux, translating to approximately $387.50. This significant investment necessitates careful planning, especially for younger players or those on a budget. Monitoring your Robux balance and setting aside funds in advance can make the purchase more manageable.

Beyond the regular release window, special sales events like the Memorial Day sale may offer the Headless Horseman bundle at a discounted rate. For instance, past sales have marked the bundle down to 24,800 Robux. Keeping an eye on such events can save you a considerable amount of Robux. However, always ensure you verify the authenticity of the sale to avoid potential marketplace errors, like the incident on November 15, 2023, when the bundle was briefly listed for free due to an error.

In summary, being informed about the bundle’s typical availability, planning financially, and staying vigilant for discounts and marketplace errors will enhance your journey toward acquiring the sought-after Headless Horseman bundle on Roblox. These strategies will help you secure the best value for your investment and enhance your gaming experience.


How much is headless on Roblox?

The current price for the Headless Horseman bundle on Roblox is typically 31,000 Robux.

What is the value of the Headless Head on Roblox?

The value of the Headless Head in Roblox is part of the Headless Horseman bundle, which costs 31,000 Robux. Therefore, its estimated value cannot be separated from the bundle itself.

How much does the Headless Head cost on Roblox in USD?

Converting 31,000 Robux to USD, the price of the Headless Horseman bundle, including the Headless Head, is approximately 7.50.

What is the Headless Horseman Bundle?

The Headless Horseman bundle is a sought-after collection on Roblox featuring the Headless Head, inspired by the figure of the Headless Horseman from European folklore. It was first released on October 31, 2013, and is typically available during October for 31,000 Robux.

What items are included in the Headless Horseman Bundle?

The bundle includes several items, most notably the Headless Head and the Headless Horseman’s New Head.

Why is the Headless Horseman Bundle popular?

The bundle is incredibly popular due to its unique Headless Head feature, which is scaled to zero dimensions and hidden within the wearer’s torso. It enjoys over 1.8 million favorites as of November 2023.

What is the sale history of the Headless Horseman Bundle?

The Headless Horseman Bundle has been sold for 31,000 Robux since its release, with a few notable instances of discounts, such as being listed for 24,800 Robux during Memorial Day sales of 2015 and 2016. On November 15, 2023, the bundle was briefly listed for free due to an error, which was quickly corrected.

When can I buy the Headless Horseman Bundle on Roblox?

The Headless Horseman Bundle is typically available for purchase in October and sometimes extends through November during the Halloween season.

Are there any tips for buying the Headless Horseman Bundle?

To purchase the bundle at the best price, monitor Roblox’s special sales events, such as Memorial Day sales, which in the past have offered the bundle at a discount. Also, be cautious of potential marketplace errors or scams and verify the authenticity of the listing before purchase.

How can I acquire the Headless Head on Roblox?

You can acquire the Headless Head by purchasing the Headless Horseman Bundle during its availability period in October for 31,000 Robux.

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