How to Make Gamepass in Roblox Mobile 2024

Have you ever wondered how you can monetize your Roblox experience with exclusive in-app purchases? Creating a Gamepass in Roblox Mobile 2024 allows you to charge players a one-time Robux fee for access to special privileges and unique in-game experiences.

In 2024, Roblox has made it easier than ever for developers to enhance their games. By designing a Gamepass, you can provide players with restricted areas, unique avatar items, or permanent enhancements that enrich their gameplay. This process starts with having your game published on the Roblox platform.

Key to this is a 512×512-pixel image saved in .jpg, .png, or .bmp format. This image must fit within a circular cropping area. You’ll also need to set a title, description, and monetization options.

Understanding the difference between Gamepasses and Developer Products is crucial here. Developer Products are for repeat purchases, while Gamepasses offer one-time access to special features, making them a potent tool for monetizing your Roblox mobile development efforts.

The Roblox Creator Hub is your go-to resource for bringing these ideas to life. Ready to dive in?

Understanding Gamepasses in Roblox

Gamepasses in Roblox enable developers to offer players access to special in-game content and exclusive features. These one-time purchases allow players to unlock privileges such as unique items, entry to restricted areas, and permanent enhancements within a Roblox user-generated game.

Using gamepasses effectively can significantly enhance player engagement. When players spend Robux on these passes, they receive more than just cosmetic or premium items; they gain unique gameplay benefits that set them apart from others. This system incentivizes players to invest more in your game, contributing to increased revenue for developers.

As of 2024, the vast Roblox community includes millions of user-generated games, providing creators with tremendous opportunities to monetize their efforts. By offering well-crafted gamepasses, developers can tap into this extensive player base, turning their creativity into tangible rewards and making their experiences even more compelling.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Gamepass on Roblox Mobile

Roblox game development

Creating a Gamepass on Roblox Mobile involves several distinct steps, each designed to ensure your in-experience purchases enhance your game effectively. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each stage.

Accessing the Roblox Creator Hub

First, access the Roblox Creator Hub through the Roblox mobile app or a web browser. This platform is the gateway to all your game development activities. Once inside, locate the create button which will direct you to your development dashboard.

Selecting Your Experience

Within the Creator Hub, navigate to the experience you wish to enhance. By selecting manag experience, you’ll be able to adjust various content settings needed for a successful implementation of a Gamepass. This essential step links the pass directly to the intended Roblox app experiences.

Creating and Customizing Your Gamepass

The next step involves the actual creation and customization of the Gamepass. Use the customize Gamepass option to name your pass, select or upload an image, and provide a clear description. Roblox offers default images, but customizing your thumbnail can make your Gamepass more appealing.

Monetizing Your Gamepass

The final step is Monetize on Roblox. Set the Robux price for your Gamepass considering the market and the value of the offering. Remember, from every Robux transactions, creators get to keep 70% of the Roblox profits.

Once you’ve set the monetization settings correctly and marked the item for sale, your Gamepass is ready to generate income through in-game purchases. Ensure you regularly review your Gamepass settings to optimize earnings from in-game currency.

Tracking and Assigning Gamepass Purchases

Once you have successfully created and listed your Gamepass, it’s crucial to ensure efficient tracking and assignment of purchased privileges within your Roblox experience. While Roblox does not automatically track individual purchase histories, you can easily keep an eye on performance metrics with built-in Gamepass analytics. Monitoring daily and monthly stats will help you gauge your Gamepass sales effectiveness and understand player engagement patterns.

Utilizing Roblox’s provided scripts is essential for managing in-game rewards and purchase privileges. Both server-side and client-side scripting are indispensable tools that enable you to facilitate seamless transactions and correctly assign benefits to users who purchase your Gamepass. By integrating these scripts, you’ll ensure a smooth and rewarding experience for your players, enhancing their overall enjoyment and potentially boosting your game’s popularity.

Besides tracking performance, delving into detailed analytics will allow you to view top-selling items and overall sales performance. By analyzing these metrics, you can forecast potential earnings and make strategic decisions to improve your offerings. Regularly reviewing Gamepass analytics and Roblox sales tracking data will give you the insights necessary to optimize your strategies and maximize your game’s profitability.


What is a Gamepass, and how does it work in Roblox Mobile?

A Gamepass on Roblox Mobile is a one-time purchase item that allows players to access exclusive in-game content such as restricted areas, unique avatar items, or permanent enhancements. Developers can charge a Robux fee for these passes, providing special privileges to players and earning revenue from their creations.

How do I create a Gamepass in Roblox Mobile?

To create a Gamepass, you need to access the Roblox Creator Hub via the mobile app or web browser. Once there, navigate to the experience you want to enhance with a Gamepass, access its content settings, and follow the steps to add a title, description, and image. Adjust the monetization options and set your Gamepass for sale.

What image requirements are there for a Gamepass?

You need to use a 512×512-pixel image saved in .jpg, .png, or .bmp format. Ensure that key details fit within the circular cropping area of the Gamepass thumbnail.

How do I monetize my Gamepass in Roblox?

In the Roblox Creator Hub, you can set the Robux price for your Gamepass. Remember that Roblox allows you to keep 70% of the profit from each purchase. Once set, your Gamepass will be available for players to buy.

How does tracking and assigning Gamepass purchases work?

After a Gamepass is purchased, you need to manually monitor and assign the purchased privileges within your Roblox experience. While Roblox doesn’t track individual purchase history, scripts provided by Roblox help you manage and facilitate in-game purchases, and enable developers to monitor overall performance through analytics.

How can I access the Roblox Creator Hub on mobile?

You can access the Roblox Creator Hub through the Roblox mobile app or any web browser. Within the hub, navigate to the experiences section to manage and create Gamepasses.

What are the advantages of using Gamepasses in Roblox Mobile?

Gamepasses enhance player engagement by providing exclusive content and features. They also offer developers a way to monetize their games, compensating them for their efforts and creativity.

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