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Japanese killer Robots Murder 29 Scientists: Discover The Truth

killer Robots Murder

A lady claims in a video that japanese killer robots murder 29 scientists being creat at a leading robotics company in Japan killed 29 scientists. The video is being shared on social media. This is dreadful, says the text on the video. Let’s use this article to validate this video.

Over the past ten years, robotic and artificial intelligence technology has advanced quickly. Many social narratives and conspiracies focusing on these robotics and AI disciplines can be found in that context. Such social narratives and conspiracies proliferated online rapidly, particularly on social media. This is the subject of our research into the conspiracy theory post.

Posts on Social Media

A video that claimed that Japanese killer robots murder 29 scientists caused a wave of social media messages to go viral for years.

Her speech makes it evident that she withheld any information about the individual who gave her this tale, and the believability of the tale is extremely low because there is no supporting documentation.

Posts on Social Media japanese killer robots murder 29 scientists

A native of the United States, Linda Moulton Howe (born January 20, 1942) is most known for her work as a ufologist and proponent of many conspiracy theories, including her inquiry into cow mutilations and the conclusion that extraterrestrials are responsible. Her notion that the American administration is collaborating with aliens is also well-known. Here is where you may learn more about her. Archive.
The explanation provided above makes it clear that there is no hard evidence to support claims that japanese killer robots murder 29 scientists. We cannot depend entirely on the original speaker’s words, a well-known conspiracy theorist and ufologist, because she failed to provide sufficient evidence to support her claims.

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Reality Check

We searched for reputable news reports about such an incident from Japan using keyword searches. Unfortunately, neither the Japanese mainstream media nor any other international media have covered this story.
Using Invid-WeVerify technology, we looked for popular social media videos and discovered the woman who narrated one.
A journalist and conspiracy theorist, Linda Moulton Howe, related the tale at the Conscious Living Expo in Los Angeles a few years ago. A video from the occasion gained popularity after being shared on social media. You may get more information about it here. Archived.
We looked for her entire address on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. We have yet to locate it, though.
She gave an hour-long presentation, from which the popular video was taken. She spoke on AI and robots, and the US-based fact-checking organisation Snopes covered it more thoroughly. An excerpt from their investigation is provided below.
I recently got a call from a whistle-blower in the Intel business who I had known for about a year and a half on Saturday, August 26, 2017. He is a Marine honourably retired, yet he still works on various projects for the CIA, NSA, and DIA. I always have notebooks around the house, office, vehicle, and anywhere else to record phone calls that I can’t or won’t be able to capture because I’m not in my studio.

Firing As Metal Bullets

japanese killer robots murder 29 scientists being developed for military use at a leading robotics company in Japan. And they carried it out by firing what he referred to as metal bullets. I had no idea there were other kinds.
The terrifying aspect is that even after lab workers turned off two of the robots and disassembled the third, the fourth one started to repair itself and connected to an orbiting satellite to download instructions on how to do so even more powerfully than before.
The quote that follows is also something I’m noting down. I’ve done this for a long time.
Linda, You’ll need to learn about this in the news. The government wants AI robot soldiers, and the robotics company has too much to lose. “End quotation.”


Due to the lack of concrete proof to support the claim that japanese killer robots murder 29 scientists, our study conclude that the tale was likely makeup. Both Japanese and foreign media outlets have not cover this story. Because the story’s source is a well-known conspiracy theorist and ufologist, it should not be taken seriously.


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